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Demand Response

Commonwealth Edison offers a program which is ideal for organizations looking to raise additional revenue. That revenue can be used to offset your energy bills or anywhere in your budget that benefits your organization. 


Under their Demand Response program Com Ed pays customers to reduce their usage in the event that the demand for electricity spikes to a level which strains their network. They require that you participate in a test in which you reduce usage for one hour during the summer and possibly one hour during the winter. In the event that a curtailment event in which you're asked to reduce your usage is called, you’ll be asked to participate. The last event was called in 2005, making them rare. The amount you’re paid depends on the amount of electricity you can curtail, so it varies by customer.

This program offers the following benefits:


  • The revenue your organization will receive is in the thousands of dollars annually.

  • If you enroll in it, participation in the program is voluntary. With the suppliers we recommend there is no penalty if you can not participate other than either a reduction in your payment or you not being paid at all, depending on what if any  reduction you can manage.

  • It’s been successful for our customers due to it’s simplicity. It’s no more complicated than them reducing their usage for an hour once, possible twice per year.

Enrollment for the next term has opened. A review of a recent electric invoice allows us to calculate what you'll be paid if you participate.

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