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Commonwealth Edison bills all customers for energy efficiency programs, places that money in a pool and distributes it in the form of rebates to customers who take part in this program. The most common program is a lighting upgrade. The combination of the drop in the price of LED lighting and aggressive rebates from Com Ed makes this an advantageous program. By way of example we have non for profit customers who have installed over $50,000 in lighting upgrades at no cost, as the rebates covered 100% of the project. Additionally they'll see a reduction in their electric and maintenance costs.We have for profit customers who have had 75% of the cost of their projects covered. What Com Ed covers in their rebates depends largely on the structure of your organization, the lighting you're removing as well as what your installing. Generally the less efficient lighting you remove and the more efficient lighting you install, the greater the rebates. 

We can conduct an audit at no cost, in which we review what type of lighting you are currently using and provide an analysis as to what savings are available. Improved lighting and lower electric and maintenance costs makes this a program worth considering. 

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